4th Of July Toddler Crafts

4th Of July Toddler Crafts – With summer in full swing, it’s time to look forward to the 4th of July celebration of fireworks, good food and family fun. And since we are a business and a workplace, we believe that part of this family fun should include creativity! We’ve compiled a list of over 20 fun patriotic 4th of July activities for kids to celebrate the best holiday ever.

You will find crafts of eagles, flags, stars, fireworks and other traditional symbols of the festival. You’ll also find lots of summer fun things like bubble wands and blowers. All of these crafts are great to do with preschoolers, but your older kids will love them too.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Choose a few crafts from this list to decorate your home, desk and fridge in red, white and blue.

Th Of July Activities For Toddlers

Shooting off fireworks is a 4th of July tradition. Make these paper fireworks first at home with the kids. It’s easy to do with a printable template. Don’t they have the funniest faces?

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Kids will have fun making these easy flowers for Independence Day. They make beautiful centerpieces when you mix them in mason jars.

Nothing says carefree childhood summer more than blowing bubbles. These patriotic balloons are perfect for the 4th of July. Mix up some homemade bubble gum to keep kids bubbling all day long.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Handprint 4th Of July Wreath Craft For Kids

Learn beginner sewing techniques and build those perfect machine skills with this cute paper plate with a patriotic craft featuring a thread star in the center.

Kids can combine patterns to create fun, patriotic sticks to wave during patriotic celebrations.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Children proudly display fireworks rings on the 4th of July. These are easy to make and your kids will love using them long after 4 days.

Th Of July Crafts For Toddlers

Add natural beauty to your home! This paper banner is easy to make and looks great on your mantle, above a window or door, or as a table decoration.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

These stars are ready in minutes (excluding drying time) and kids will love this craft. It’s really fun to watch the colors spread out in the stars.

If you haven’t saved up toilet roll, start well before the 4th so you and the kids can make these cute paper roll American flags. They look like decorative table decorations or mantels. Add a battery operated candle to light them at night.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Fourth Of July Fireworks Crafts For Kids

This craft will literally blow your child away! With star decorated toilet paper and red and white streamers, they look great in the air for the 4th of July.

Tissue paper cutting is a fun way for kids to practice fine motor skills. Control red, white and blue fabrics with a star pattern.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

It’s quick and easy to make a star out of popsicle sticks. Add a little paint and some plumbing, and you’ll have some great patriotic decorations to hang in your home.

The Easiest 4th Of July Painting Craft For Kids

Help your kids calm down and settle themselves after the day’s fun activities with a patriotic calming bottle.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

We absolutely love the idea of ​​this wall art theme for toddlers. If you don’t glue the pieces down, your kids can assemble the flag and carry it over and over again in July. It will be pretty quiet.

How cool and cute do these Uncle Sam crafts rock? Uncle Sam is a patriotic character that children recognize from a young age, so this craft is a fun way to work on a quick history lesson with some art skills.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Uncle Sam Handprint Art / Craft Activity Card / Happy 4th Of July Inde

Thumbs up is fun and engaging for kids. In addition, parents are happy to find preservations such as fingerprints, handprints, and footprints to add to their children’s books.

Grab some popsicle sticks, glue, paint and glitter and you are ready to make these super easy popsicle sticks.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Save the toilet rolls and paper towels for cardboard rockets on the 4th of July. When you’re done, place the skewers in the yard and slide them over to create a patriotic display for your kids.

Fourth Of July Kids Crafts

This black eagle costume is a great choice not only for the 4th of July, but also for a group of birds for homeschool or classroom study. It’s a good time to talk about American national symbols because the eagle is the national bird.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Mix straws together and dip them in paint to create one of these cute fireworks designs with the kids.

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4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Fun Shirts To Make For The Fourth Of July

Angela Milnes is a qualified early childhood educator specializing in early childhood education and teaching. She has extensive experience teaching young children and is interested in children’s craft, high school music and reading with children. Don’t forget to follow our fun crafts and creative ideas on Facebook. Want to add some red, white and blue to your home while spending some quality time with your little one?

Here, you’ll find practical ways to develop fine motor skills and explore mind play while creating cute patriotic crafts with your toddler.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

The 4th of July crafts on this list are chosen especially for young children, but older children will enjoy participating in these activities as well.

Fourth Of July Patriotic Flag Handprint Craft For Children

Some activities require more supervision than others, so ask parents to help!

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Don’t forget to save this post to your professional board on Pinterest so you can come back to it later!

Salt painting allows little ones to explore different parts while developing fine motor skills, and how cute are these salt-painted fireworks? Watching the water react to the salt mixture is as fun as watching real fireworks!

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Preschool 4th Of July Crafts

Thumb crafts are great for babies who like to mess with their hands. This patriotic toe star dress would look great in a Dollar Tree Pattern for an easy and personal 4th of July!

My toddler has an insatiable interest in rolling up toilet paper, so these easy firework stamps are sure to be a hit! Such a beautiful and easy project that can be done with materials you already have at home.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

How cute is this Bald Eagle with handwritten wings? There’s even a free printable eagle template that makes it super easy! Get the template and full tutorial here.

Th Of July Kids Paint Crafts

Cookie cutters are the perfect art tool for little hands. Just make sure you use ones that aren’t too sharp! With this baked paint project, your little one can experiment with paint without the brush breaking.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Who needs a real stamp when you can make a simple fireworks stamp? Stamping crafts provide a fun way to explore cause and effect while practicing fine motor skills.

Can you believe this awesome fireworks t-shirt was designed with Sharpies?! Bri of Parties with a Cause says, “I do this every year with my kids on the 4th. My son was 2 last year and he made a splash for the fireworks I drew. The 6th drew everything by himself.” The results are amazing!

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Kid Friendly 4th Of July Crafts

These 4th of July cards include graphics and stickers, two great ways to practice good exercise skills—and they’re pretty cool! Can you tell it’s made from toilet paper?

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4th Of July Toddler Crafts

If you have a great 4th of July craft for toddlers, leave us a comment and we might add it to the list!

Fun And Easy 4th Of July Crafts And Activities For Kids

Related Posts: Kid’s Summer Bucket List: 102+ Fun Summer Activities for Kids (+ Free Post!) Want more awesome kids activities? Follow us on social media so you don’t miss anything! Celebrate the stars and stripes this year by making a 4th of July craft with the kids. From patriotic fans, DIY bubble wands, and even 4th of July slime recipes. Here are some great fun and creative Fourth of July ideas for kids.

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

If you’re planning a 4th of July theme or summer party, or if you want to add some great Independence Day art to your summer fun, you’ve come to the right place.

The 4th of July is the time to celebrate independence. What better way to show your patriotism than to play a 4th of July show with the kids?

4th Of July Toddler Crafts

Th Of July Activities For Kids

Independence Day celebrations always inspire all kinds of fun on the 4th of July in our home. career strategies. Here are 20 more of our favorite patriotic activities for kids.

With a little creativity and a few supplies, you can keep your kids busy with patriotic crafts all day long! Be sure to check out our other 4th of July craft ideas for more inspiration. Enjoy designing and celebrating America’s birthday!

4th Of July Toddler Crafts


Patriotic 4th Of July Crafts For Kids

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