Charles Herbster Net Worth

Charles Herbster Net Worth – The governor of Nebraska is running in the race to replace him, criticizing his fellow Republican and Trump.

Charles Herbster speaks to supporters at the Heartland Country Barn in Fremont, Nebraska, on April 26. Kenneth Ferreira/Lincoln Journal Star via AP Photo

Charles Herbster Net Worth

Charles Herbster Net Worth

Republican mega-donor and Nebraska gubernatorial candidate Charles Herbster was present at the beginning and end of Donald Trump’s reign — when the former president descended the steps of Trump Tower to announce his campaign, and at a rally leading up to the Capitol on Jan. . 6. rebellion.

Ex Governor To Fill Sasse’s Senate Seat

Herbster — who hired former Trump aides Kellyanne Conway and Corey Lewandowski to help run his campaign — couldn’t have a more valuable ally as he tries to launch a political career in a deeply red state. . But he will also face intense pressure to nominate a more formidable challenger: Republican incumbent Gov. Pete Ricketts, another wealthy Trump ally who is determined to keep Herbster out of office.

Charles Herbster Net Worth

Ricketts, who is term-limited and cannot be re-elected, has repeatedly accused the candidate’s agriculture company of taking jobs out of the country – something that Herbster flatly denies. The governor’s group has been promoting its attacks on Herbster on social media. Ricketts’ longtime political adviser, Jessica Flanagin, has signed on with Herbster’s primary challenger, millionaire hog farmer Jim Palin, giving clues as to who the governor might support.

It is a rare turn of events: incumbents do not participate in election campaigns to succeed them. But Ricketts — who wants to maintain influence in his district while at the same time raising the specter of a 2024 presidential run — isn’t giving Herbster an inch.

Charles Herbster Net Worth

The Trump Era Will Be A Boon For Multilevel Marketing Companies

The conflict reflects the broader challenge facing Trump’s 2022 campaign list, a growing list that ranges from former ambassadors to former staffers to major donors. . While their loyalty to Trump will help them attract his die-hard supporters, they also face the reality that their electoral fortunes may depend on other domestic factors — in this case, the governor is determined to frustrate someone he considers an opponent. .

“It’s an open secret in the Nebraska Republican Party that Gov. Ricketts has no love lost with Charles W. Herbster,” said Ryan Horn, a state Republican strategist.

Charles Herbster Net Worth

The battle could turn into a financial arms race, pitting two powerful forces in Republican donor groups against each other. Herbster has given more than $1 million to organizations that have supported Trump’s re-election efforts, and Ricketts comes from a family of billionaires who own the Chicago Cubs and have spent heavily on the Republican Party. The 56-year-old governor has a long history of supporting Nebraska financial candidates.

The Actual Threat Posed By A Political ‘cult’ In America

It is likely that the winner of the battle will be decided by their common friend: Trump, whose approval carries the most weight in the state, which he won by about 20 percent.

Charles Herbster Net Worth

In the interview, Herbster insisted he has no animosity toward Ricketts and said he was surprised by the governor’s decision to stand against him. He said he voted for Ricketts in his two general elections, contributed to his first campaign and donated to his inauguration in 2015. Herbster recalls that shortly after taking office, Ricketts invited him to breakfast and asked to participate in the death penalty project. , which Herbster agreed to do.

But he added: “If I were the governor of the state and the head of the Republican Party in that state, I would have withdrawn from this race.” I will face the government. “I will not look to interfere with the election of my favorite governor.”

Charles Herbster Net Worth

Candidates Have Together Pumped Nearly $433 (and Counting) Of Their Own Money Into 2022 Midterm Races

The Nebraska Republican goes back to 2013, when Herbster gave millions of dollars to Ricketts’ first opponent, then-Sen. Beau McCoy. McCoy attacked Ricketts, at one point calling him a hypocrite for opposing gay marriage while simultaneously owning the Chicago Cubs, which McCoy described as a “gay” team. The attack was taken as deeply personal: Ricketts’ sister, Laura, is gay. (Herbster, who himself ran for a while before quitting and agreeing with McCoy, insisted he had nothing to do with McCoy’s criticism and disagreed with it.)

Further complicating matters was Herbster’s alliance with former Republican Governor Dave Heineman, whom Herbster invited to join his company’s board of directors. Shortly before the 2014 primary election, Heineman endorsed Ricketts’ opponent John Bruning, whom Ricketts ultimately defeated for the Republican nomination. The Ricketts-Heineman feud would continue for years, and Ricketts’ team later retaliated by releasing records showing Heineman making numerous foreign trips while in office. . (Heineman is now considering entering the 2022 gubernatorial race himself, according to several people familiar with his thinking.)

Charles Herbster Net Worth

But state Republicans say there’s another reason Ricketts wants to stop Herbster: They argue that having someone he considers an adversary in the governor’s mansion could be a headache if Ricketts he chose to file a presidential bid. The governor has taken steps to bolster his national image in recent weeks, attacking President Joe Biden repeatedly on social media and appearing at a Fox News town hall event hosted by Laura Ingraham.

Gowdy: Fortenberry Was Instructed Not To Return Funds Because It Would Harm Investigation

Ricketts launched his attack on Herbster last week, holding a press conference the same day the candidate launched his campaign in which he accused him of moving his company’s headquarters to out of the country – a statement that Ricketts repeated in a television interview.

Charles Herbster Net Worth

“I’ll be honest, I was very disappointed when he scheduled [the press conference] down the road from where I got my notice, and took a cheap shot with a false statement,” Herbster said. . (A Ricketts aide said the press conference was planned in advance and described the timing as a coincidence.)

Herbster, 66, is known as a colorful character around Nebraska: He owes his fortune in part to selling bull semen and talks about putting up license plates with the title of Trump in his cars.

Charles Herbster Net Worth

Trump Making Closing Pitch For Nebraska Candidate Accused Of Groping

It is unclear whether Ricketts will try to use his influence with Trump to prevent him from endorsing Herbster. But Herbster — who said he has not spoken to Trump about the endorsement — appeared to favor the governor, noting that the governor’s parents have given millions of dollars to the executive committee. anti-Trump politics during the 2016 Republican election. In response, Trump at the time issued a vague threat, writing that the Ricketts family “has a lot to hide !”

Herbster contrasted that with what he described as his unwavering support for the former president, whom he said he befriended in 2005. He recalled being at Trump’s he was launched in the 2015 campaign, and spent the following months flying across the country to support his candidacy and he became. of his main financial backers.

Charles Herbster Net Worth

Herbster, who chaired the Trump campaign’s agriculture advisory committee that year, said he resisted calls to oust Trump after the release of a lewd “Access Hollywood” video in which who made sexual comments about women.

Braking: Herbster/slama Hearing

Herbster’s loyalty continued unabated. He went to the meeting on Jan. 6 pro-Trump who led the deadly attack on the Capitol, although he said he was not involved in the riot and condemned the violence that took place. “If this is the difference between being disloyal to President Trump and being the governor of Nebraska, then I will not be disloyal to the 45th president,” he was recently quoted in a local newspaper.

Charles Herbster Net Worth

Meanwhile, the Ricketts family turned to Trump. After Trump became the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party in 2016, he traveled to Omaha to attend a rally where Pete Ricketts expressed his support.

During the 2020 election, the governor’s parents were among the former president’s most generous donors, donating millions of dollars to pro-Trump organizations. Todd Ricketts, the governor’s brother, was appointed deputy secretary of commerce in the Trump administration before he resigned. He was later named Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Charles Herbster Net Worth

Businessman Charles Herbster Launches Nebraska Governor Bid

“I’ve been honest from day one, I assure you,” Herbster said. “I spent two years supporting Donald Trump, while the Ricketts family was trying to do everything they could [to ensure] he wouldn’t be elected.” () – The man who hopes to become the next governor of Nebraska has the support and backing of the former president. But the current governor said he believes “Nebraska deserves better,” prompting the AJ

Charles Herbster announced his run for governor in April with former campaign manager and consultant Kellyanne Conway in attendance at the Fremont event.

Charles Herbster Net Worth

Former President Trump issued a statement Tuesday night saying, “Charles W. Herbster has my full and complete approval!” Ricketts offers a sweet voice after mocking Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse.

Herbster Announces His Run For Nebraska Governor

Charles W. Herbster has been a strong supporter of America First and Make America Great Again, from the beginning. He is running for governor of the great state of Nebraska and he will do a great job. A proud Nebraska native, Charles is a successful businessman who will fight for our farmers and ranchers, support our military and vets, and protect and defend your rights under the Second Amendment. . With a Looney Toon Senator like Little Ben Sasse representing the wonderful people of Nebraska, it matters a lot.

Charles Herbster Net Worth

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