Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts – Today I have ideas for 16 Christmas gifts to sew that are quick and easy! This year is over and the countdown to the holidays is just around the corner. Now is the perfect time to make a quick and easy Christmas gift list.

First on my list to make is a simple flannel scarf with Mammoth Flannel from Robert Kaufman Fabrics. They have a free blanket design that looks incredibly simple. Last year I bought six different colors of that flannel and never got around to making the scarf. I hope to do a weekend project.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Something I wanted to make for myself and I know my kids would love is a delicious microwaveable mug. Here’s a free soup bowl pattern from Everyman Quilt that looks great and this Microwaveable Bowl Potholder tutorial from Spruce Crafts includes several size options. Most of these start with a 10″ square, a perfect project for a cake batch. I just bought some Pellon Wrap n Zap which is perfect for the middle layer of these cozies.

More Projects To Sew For Your Kitchen

If you have children or grandchildren, a travel-sized pillow is a great gift! This tutorial gives you instructions for two different sized travel pillows and also includes instructions for making a wrapping paper bag.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

With all the fabrics we quilters collect, it makes sense to make some fabric gift bags. This Super Easy DIY Gift Box at Apple Green Cottage is quick to make and is a great “green” alternative to bookcases.

One of the most popular tutorials is the Cookie Plate Crumb Catcher. This little recipe is fun to make and makes a great addition to a hostess gift (with a plate of cookies of course)!

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Easy Christmas Sewing Projects For Beginners

If you have kids on your gift list, this Easy Quilt Tutorial from Village Bound Quilts is a must-do. This pillow has a large pocket in it that is perfect for a child’s favorite picture book. It’s also great to taste!

The Double Pot Holder with Handbags tutorial at Do It & Love It is perfect for the cook on your gift list. It’s like having two pot holders in one – no more searching for a second pot!

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

I love working with cork fabric and these Cork Accented Coasters & Mug Rug are great for making (and giving) holiday gifts. I love a gift that can be made into a collection of similar items like this. You can add a nice mug, favorite tea or coffee shop gift card to make the complete package.

Top Sewing Projects & Tips

Christmas decorations are always popular gifts to make and these fabric Christmas trees from Hook Stitch Sew are ideal for using fabric scraps. Once you’ve saved these keys, you’re done!

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Some of the gifts you make, you might just want to keep! That is very true for the cover of Joy and Light by Amy Sinibaldi. It is so delicious and has been on my list for years.

If your sewing skills are more inclined towards clothing, you will definitely want to make Sew Pajama Gift Sets from Melly Sews. Everyone loves new Christmas pajamas and I love how cute these are! I know some grandkids out there who would love these.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Easy Sew Gift Ideas That’ll Make People Say

Let’s not forget about our pet lovers/owners. This Dog Bone Christmas Streamer from Sew Very Crafty is perfect for your favorite dog!

If you have oily skin (and who doesn’t?) you’ll love this self-cleaning fabric tutorial from Crafty For Home. These make great gifts and are very customizable with the right fabric choices.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Gnomes are also very popular, so add this Free Christmas Gnome Sewing Pattern to your Christmas sewing list. Caroline at Sew Can You has all the instructions for making this cute little guy.

Fun And Easy Christmas Gifts To Sew For Kids

At Quilters Candy. Guest designer, Mara, from Quilt in Progress, shares her tutorial for making these cute and fun bookmarks.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

A great way to wrap a small gift or just as a gift on its own, is the fabric origami bag tutorial I shared last year. There is a video tutorial included with this blog post for the visual learners out there. I can’t keep these “in stock” because I always give them away.

I hope you enjoyed this inspiration for 16 Christmas gifts to sew! Be sure to start a list and then schedule some conversation time on your calendar. I’m really good at making lists, but finding the time is the hard part. I’m getting my calendar out now! Have fun! Below is a great list of quick and easy gifts to sew for all skill levels, so you can give your friend or family a unique, thoughtful gift.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Gifts To Sew With Your Scrap Fabric

This list is full of wonderful gifts for the holidays or any special occasion when you need to pick up a last minute gift!

Almost all of the tutorials and patterns are free, so you can sit down at your sewing machine and start sewing some awesome homemade gifts right away!

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Cute magazine covers can be made in different sizes and are great for using fabric scraps.

My Top 10 Handmade Gift Ideas To Sew

I’m sure you can come up with some great ideas on how to personalize these too – with favorite colors, names, or a cute cutout image from your favorite fabric scrap!

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

These cute toy owls can be sewn in an evening for a very quick and easy gift idea.

Here is the perfect Christmas gift for little girls and little boys. Use their favorite colors and empty your scrap bins at the same time! What child wouldn’t love to find one of these cute little people under the Christmas tree?

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

These fun quilts are super quick and easy to sew and have to be one of my favorite sewing projects.

You can plow through a bunch of these in one driving session and have a lot of fun doing it!

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

These coasters are made using the knit-as-you-go method and are definitely perfect for fabric scraps, pre-cuts, and any leftover fabric you need.

Last Minute Gifts To Sew

Use a frame to give it an elegant and modern look and you have a beautiful gift that can be personalized to match your friends and family decor.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Use the cut edges of your projects, fancy ribbon or strips of scrap fabric to make these useful gifts.

In fact, they were inspired by my children when I asked them what to do with the leftover wool rugs I have in my laundry room.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

What To Sew For Men: 4 Gifts I Made My Husband For Christmas — Pin Cut Sew Studio

This is an easy quilting project and also a great way to use quilt scraps as well as wool scraps.

These bookmarks are made with small scraps of fabric – stuff that ends up in your fishing bag.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

They are thin enough to comfortably use in a book, unlike some fabric bookmarks and are perfect for stockings!

Easy Valentine Sewing Projects For Beginners

It uses only 7 jelly roll strips and is a practical alternative to baby clothes that mothers and children will appreciate.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

The velcro straps make it easy to take on the stroller or buggy to keep your little one warm on cold winter days.

Use scraps in the colors of the rainbow to make them a cute homemade gift that will help them learn too!

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Little Gifts: Easy Patchwork Projects To Give Or Keep: Woods, Susanne: 9781940655338: Amazon.com: Books

If you’re looking for fun gift ideas for kids, this is one of the first gifts I got for my nephew – a Thomas the Tank Engine lover.

These easy-as-you-go quilts are not only great for scraps, but are also one of those great beginner projects for anyone just starting out with quilting-as-you-go.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

My sister specifically requested this advent calendar for her home. It wasn’t exactly a Christmas present because of course I had to give it to him early, but he has used it every year since.

Easy Sewing Projects For Beginners To Do

I don’t have a full tutorial for this because I’m against the clock, but I made a video explaining my process that I hope you can follow to make your own version!

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

I made these cool t-shirt bags using my friend’s pattern. The center was a gift for my husband with one of his old club t-shirts.

The pattern for this is not free, but you can find instructions on how to use T-Shirt Qult interfacing for these bags and find the link to the pattern in the post below.

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

Small And Inexpensive Diy Sewing Christmas Gifts

Bags are always useful gifts, and I used this project as a stepping stone to make my first (still available!) t-shirt.

I gave my kids some mugs a few years ago during lockdown, but I wanted to use them as wall hangers, so I had to figure out how to add a hanger after the fact (!).

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

This cup rug design is not mine but you can find a link to it in this post about how I managed to get these cup holders on the wall!

Sew Easy Last Minute Diy Christmas Gift Ideas

I encourage you to keep these gift bags for your friends so they can reuse them when they give and we all can

Easy Sewing Projects For Gifts

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