Fun Holidays In August

Fun Holidays In August – For many, August means fitting in the last of the summer activities before the kids head back to school, long days spent in the yard or by the pool will finally be a distant memory. But don’t worry too much, because there are four more weeks in August filled with national holidays and festivals to take your mind off the holiday season. Instead, focus on these fun and meaningful August holidays during the summer months for delicious food, fun activities (with food included), and time spent together.

If you’re feeling the pressure to cram in as many last-minute family vacations as possible, but are at a loss for where to go or what to do, let these August vacations and celebrations take you to the next level. . National Oyster Day calls out for a long weekend at the beach, while National Watermelon Day asks you to host the ultimate summer bash with s’mores (hello, National S’more Day!) and refreshing drinks. Speaking of which, August is the month to celebrate World Beer Day, National Prosecco Day and National Lemonade Day, so grab your favorite summer drink and bundle up for a day at the beach on National Beach Day.

Fun Holidays In August

Fun Holidays In August

While the August holidays are mostly for fun, there are also important religious and spiritual festivals, including Krishna Janmashtami and the Hungry Ghost Festival, as well as meaningful anniversaries such as Children’s Rainbow Day. August is Black Business Month, Family Fun Month and National Health Month. There are entire weeks dedicated to Elvis, farmers markets, and exercising with your child. Needless to say, there will be plenty to keep you and the whole family busy as you take in the last few weeks of summer in August 2022.

August Promo Calendar: Holding On To Summer Fun

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Fun Holidays In August

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Fun Holidays In August

Fun Holidays To Celebrate Each Season 🌞🌸🍂⛄️

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Fun Holidays In August

Some Customers Are Unhappy With Costco’s New Carts Target’s Valentine’s Target’s Stanley Sold Out in Minutes The Golden Wedding Makes Reality-TV History 25 Best Everyday Devotional Books for Women Celebrate these funny, weird, and sweet holidays – there’s one for every day of the year! Comes with free printables.

August Word Search Printable

One of the best things about homeschooling is that we get to choose what we do! And that means making every special day fun and exciting. Knowing what the holidays are like will really help with that!

Fun Holidays In August

So we did some research and found unusual, weird and fun holidays for every day of the year! Some of them are food-based, while others are good for activities and crafts. And let’s not forget about animal days like cat day!

Read to the end of this guide to download your free Weird and Wacky Holidays PDF to keep on your fridge, use for school, or anything else!

Fun Holidays In August

Fun Foodie Holidays In August 2022

You can also use this printable calendar for kids and add your favorite unusual holidays to it so that your kids have their own unique calendar.

13 Financial Freedom Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making Story 10 Healthy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids Story 150 DIY Valentine’s Day Candy and Ingredients (Story) 50 Non-Alcoholic Valentine’s Day Drinks (New Year’s Drinks22) Early (Story) Download this Staff Activity/Staff Appreciation Prepared for you ! The file contains all seven August holidays (see below). A preparation page to guide you before every holiday. Make it as simple or as smooth as you like to fit in with your regular schedule of events. If you don’t go on every holiday, they will be ready for you now and next year! A great way to let your employees know they appreciate you (and add some fun!). Most of the files can be used with your students!

Fun Holidays In August

Note: After purchase, don’t forget to access your unlimited downloads for updates (ie, annual calendars are updated every month!). PPTX and PDF versions of each file.

You Were Fat In August

Copyright © Gail Boulton. All rights reserved by the author. This product should only be used by the original customer. Clip art and material found in this PDF are copyrighted and may not be reproduced and used in this file without permission or license. Copying any part of this product and posting it online in any form (even on a personal/class website) is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Please show respect for honesty and integrity by avoiding copying others. Marketing your business on social media just got a whole lot easier with this comprehensive list of August holidays and festivals with special days to promote.

Fun Holidays In August

From popular holidays like Friendship Day to National Holidays to more obscure celebrations like National Tooth Fairy Day and National Root Beer Float Day, there’s always a fun holiday to celebrate on social media.

So start planning your social media posts and campaigns now – your audience and customers will thank you for it!

Fun Holidays In August

Strange Holidays Summer Edition

Here are some great and fun holidays in August. – National Health Month – World Beer Day – Sisters Day – Friendship Day – National Holiday Day – National Dog Day – International Youth Day

So whether you’re looking for traditional holidays to promote your business or some fun and unique days to celebrate, this list has you covered.

Fun Holidays In August

Mark your calendars and get ready to check out the fun, rare and special dates in August 2023.

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Back in my corporate marketing days, when I managed social media channels for a $150 million business, I got excited when the holidays came around.

Fun Holidays In August

Not many people will engage with a post about a company news release or an industry article, but many who see a post wishing everyone a Happy Holidays will “like”.

Including the holidays in your social media content is an easy way to increase engagement and reach. People are already talking about the holiday season, so you should join the conversation.

Fun Holidays In August

Strange Holidays August

You can use holiday-related hashtags, post photos celebrating the holiday, run contests, or offer holiday-related discounts or special promotions.

With this list of August holidays, you’ll be able to easily come up with August social media content ideas that will resonate with your audience and help you increase your engagement and reach on your social media channels.

Fun Holidays In August

For business owners or marketers, holiday posts can not only increase your social media engagement, but also make it easier to create positive posts for your followers.

Family Fun Month Happy Summer Holidays Celebrated Annual August Opportune Stock Vector By ©scoutori 593864000

When sharing a vacation post, always include a photo or video with your status update, no matter which platform you use.

Fun Holidays In August

Including an image with your post is an easy way to double engagement, which is why our industry-leading social media software Social Media Content Club is packed with eye-catching images.

Also, tap a holiday-themed hashtag to make it easier for people to find your content, and use location tagging if you have a physical storefront.

Fun Holidays In August

Fun Days To Celebrate In March (free Printable Calendar!)

For more tips on how to increase your social media engagement, read: 5 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement.

When celebrating holidays on social media, it’s important to include hashtags related to that holiday in your posts.

Fun Holidays In August

To learn why and how to use hashtags on social media, read: 210 Everyday Hashtags for Social Media.

August 2022 Events

Hashtags are a key ingredient to your success on social media, and I’ve done the research for you.

Fun Holidays In August

However, for best results, you’ll want to use 3 – 5 hashtags related to that holiday in your posts.

If you’re pressed for time, The Social Media Content Club does hashtag research for you and provides 3 popular and relevant hashtags for all major holidays.

Fun Holidays In August

Family Fun Month Happy Summer Holidays Celebrated Annual August Opportune Stock Vector By ©scoutori 592225246

In an effort to simplify this huge list of holidays, I have divided the days into five categories – public holidays, religious holidays, monthly celebrations, weekly celebrations and daily celebrations.

Scroll down to view all 255+ holidays or use the links below to skip to a specific section.

Fun Holidays In August

This list includes holidays and special celebrations in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

August 2024 With Holidays Calendar

You want all the benefits of social media (more followers, support, ready buyers) and none of the hassle (hours of content creation, staff

Fun Holidays In August

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