Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer – Between weddings, dresses, venues, catering, videography, photography, and more, a wedding costs a lot of money, and the last thing you want to do is shell out thousands of dollars. Your pictures will be something you look back on for years to come, so you want to make sure you like them 100%.

As luxury wedding videographers with over a decade in the industry, we know and understand how important it is that you and your photographer are on the same page. Here are 5 things you should know before hiring your wedding photographer.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

One of the most important things to keep in mind when looking for the right wedding photographer is the shooting and editing style you prefer. Shooting style is the way the photos are actually taken and editing style is the mood the photographers want to convey when they edit. Below are some examples of capturing and editing styles.

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Fine art style can hang any picture on the wall. It’s traditional, but light and airy. Its purpose is to capture the love of the day.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

The editing style takes over the photography style. It’s something you’d expect to see in a fashion magazine. High shot, playing with lights.

The photo shoot includes lots of candy that tells the story of the day. You spend your days as if there is no camera.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

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Adventure can include mountain climbing, waterfall adventures, or photography, and don’t be afraid to show off your adventurous side.

Your photos have a lot of interesting twists and turns in the artistic style. Whether it’s prisms, exposures, filters (like the champagne glasses in the corner), or photo overlays in editing, there’s some artwork involved. This may not be the case with all films, but most.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

Fashion is a combination of editorial, art and fine art. It records the high-level qualities of your day, including your details.

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Behavior can come in any form but is related to method. A photographer can move the camera slightly while taking a picture, adding some more movement.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

Light and airy without feeling too saturated or exposed. It feels light and airy on a cool, crisp day.

The mood is darker, less exposed and richer in color. Moody makes me want to curl up in a blanket with a good book.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

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Black and white photos sound perfect. Something about black and white photos captures the intimacy and detail of a photo. It takes the “excitement” out of the color and you can focus only on the heart and the emotion behind it.

Life is like photographs. Editing tries to make it as direct as possible.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

Vibrant photos bring out the colors found in your photos. They tend to be true to life, but to an extreme.

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Warm images reflect the warmth (reds, oranges, golds) in the image. There is something about emotional photos that evoke joy and happiness.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

Dirty/dry photos produce brown, green and slightly darker colors. The colors are a bit paler than in real life, but they don’t look too distorted.

If you’re not sure what photography or editing style you like, here are a few questions to help you narrow down what you need. You can use this as a guide when talking to your (undercover) photographer.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

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It’s important to find a photographer that fits your personality. The last thing you want on your wedding day is someone you can’t get along with. Whether you want to be your biggest advertiser or someone who hides in the background and goes unnoticed, it’s important that you fit in well. Photographers, since you are one of the most VIP vendors you spend most of the day with, you want to be comfortable. After all the money you’ve spent on your wedding and photos, you won’t want to get them.

We know no one wants to talk about money, but it’s heartbreaking if we don’t say anything. There is more to wedding photography than people think. It’s about more than taking photos on your wedding day. If you want good, quality pictures, it will cost you. As with anything, the longer/experienced your photographer is, the more it will cost, but the better your product will be. Apart from that, it comes with all hardware, backups and editing software.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

When contacting photographers, ask if they have packages. Most of the time they do, and if what you have isn’t what you’re looking for, they can be customized to your needs. You can add clocks, additional photos, movies, etc. If you need more or less, you can always ask! Most photographers try to be as consistent as possible within reason.

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If you’re worried about how your wedding day and photos will turn out, use your wedding planner during your trial session! This is a good time to find out if you network with your photographer, if you like their style, and what films might come out of it. This will help you get to know your photographer and feel comfortable so that you can feel nothing but joy and happiness on your wedding day.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

We hope these things help you on your journey to finding the perfect wedding photographer! Check out our last engagement session blog here. If you found this blog useful, please share, link and tell your friends about it! Trust is an important part of any relationship, and the same is true for your relationship with your wedding photographer. There’s a reason you chose them to capture the most important day of your life. While you may have an idea of ​​how you want some of your photos to turn out, most of the time you should have a lot of faith in your photographer. Putting a little trust in your photographer in these key areas will not only help you get better photos to remember your big day by, but also reduce your stress.

Your wedding photographer will take the time to get to know the area around your reception or ceremony venue and find the best locations to shoot. They know where to get the best light and where the best view is.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

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Ideally, the main goal of your photography is to find the right light. Although the scenery is beautiful and the light harsh, spectacular views are not important. So trust your photographer and their trained eye to match the quality of light and the perfect scene. A good photographer can put you in front of a junkyard and you’ll love the pictures.

As mentioned above, lighting is important for creating beautiful photos, and using the sun’s natural light creates the best lighting environment, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get the same results every time. Your photographer will know when is the best time to capture great outdoor shots that won’t cast harsh shadows on your face.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

Sunrise and sunset are the best and best times to shoot within two hours to get you to the golden hour. Remember that a good photographer can shoot in midday sun. So, check your photo!

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Trust the photographer to know what works best for you. They can see how the light hits you and what’s in the background. While some photographers will consider your photo ideas, you shouldn’t be offended if they shoot your ideas down. Most of the time you are working with limited time and light and don’t want to waste too much on your big day.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

This is another reason why I include a bridal shower with my wedding packages, on the day of the wedding, now I know which images you both excel at and which ones you struggle with. It allows us to forget about our likes and dislikes and focus on creating magic with looks that make you both shine!

Trust the photographer’s creative eye when editing. They know which images are black and white, color, cropped and add special effects. The editing process is part of their style, which is one of the reasons you hire them.

Getting Hitched What To Tell Your Wedding Photographer

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