Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys – Looking for a gift for a teenage girl or boy? Gift guides for teen girls and boys, little girl gift ideas and gifts for kids

Not only did I ask Eva and Macy to put together the best gift ideas, filled with all their favorite things…which of course included a fun little trip to Target where they tried things on. 🙂

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

This post contains gift guides specifically for teen girls and teen boys (by popular demand) as well as the teen girls and playboys on your list, all related to the best and easiest places to shop!

Gift Guide: Best Gifts For Teens (ages 13+) W Giveaway!

Long Sleeve Button-Down Plaid Flannel Boyfriends – This one is on Macy’s list. He keeps “borrowing” all my flannel button-down shirts because he likes them so much. Love that this shirt is on sale and comes in a variety of styles!

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Lululemon Hottie Hot Low Rise Aline Shorts – Eva saved her money this summer and splurged on these sonic pink shorts at the Lululemon outlet. And? She wears them all the time (Eva wears a size 6 and is 5’5) She loves them so much, she recently bought another pair in navy blue.

Lululemon Swift Tech Short Sleeve Shirt – (not pictured in collage) Eva also bought herself a slim fit in slim/white and wears it often because that’s what it is.

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Teen Girl Gift Guide

14 piece mask kit – comes with headband and stand! Perfect for beauty lovers who love a spa night at home!

Stanley Tumblr – I bought one of these tumblrs over the summer and love most of the stuff I bought for myself…my girls “owe” them. They love and borrow (not to mention steal) my tumblr all the time, because according to them?

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

And I think it’s like drinking through a straw too FAST – BEST COLORS SELL FAST!

Best Christmas Gifts For Teen Girls

P.S. If you own or know someone who owns a cricket machine – you can personalize this stamp! My sweet neighbor flashed the HwH business logo on me!

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Pur Vida Jewelry Box – This was on Eva’s list last year and she keeps her earrings and bracelets safe and tucked away during sports practices and games. A great size for weekend trips too!

Pur Vida Monthly Bracelet Subscription – How fun is that?! New bracelets delivered to your favorite pre-teen or teen girls every month!

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Best Gifts For Teenage Girls They’ll Love In 2022

Apple Watch – This is a top request from Eva Love the color of this sport band in rose gold

Chain Necklace Set – Once again Eva loves every necklace that comes with this 4 piece link chain.

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Beach Cruiser Bike – We bought this bike for his birthday when he was 11 and he still loves riding it. Riding bikes is something we love as a family and this bike has been a proven WIN (Beach cruisers are generally best for riding on flat roads.)

Best Gender Neutral Gifts For Tomboys & Kids Of Any Gender

Mini Beauty Fridge – I can imagine this mini fridge sitting on Eva’s desk, keeping these face masks cool (

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

I can’t blame her… because according to my mom… I’m right around her age 🙂 However, these leggings meet all the criteria that Eve likes (more importantly there is nothing she doesn’t like about her leggings) Eva wears a women’s size XS in the leggings picture below. Eva Nin likes pink, available in 4 more colors. The funny thing is that these leggings are only black

Light Support V-Neck Crop Sports Bra – Eve also loves and is wearing the All In Motion Crop Sports Bra in the picture above. (

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Daughter

Macy’s comes out with a similar sports bra and has it pictured above in size XS

Electric Throw Blanket – We bought each of our girls this electric blanket last year and they love it. They take it from the bed to the couch for movie nights and are super comfy Comes in a variety of colors – love the new tree print!

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Suede Slide Sandals – Eva loves these sandals Probably all the kids at school wear them

Best Cheap Gifts For Teenage Girls

I can’t blame him – they are very comfortable Luckily we wear the same size 🙂

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Makeup Bag – Love that this makeup bag stands on its own for easy use and is available in six different color patterns.

Ring Set – Our girls love swapping and keeping their rings – this is a great set.

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Christmas Gifts For Teen Girls ⋆ Chic Everywhere

Bar Bracelet Jewelry Organizer – Eva received a super cute white two drawer jewelry box last year and now she wants this bracelet and necklace holder with her.

Paper clip gold chain necklace – link jewelry is trending right now This is an affordable option for teen or pre-teen girls

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Shea Sugar Scrub – All of our girls love this sugar scrub. Perfect for a self-care spa evening at home or every day!

Top Gifts For Teens This Christmas

Microfiber Hair Towel – All three of our girls love and adore these! They wrap hair immediately after showering as it helps reduce drying time and frizz. Available in many colors

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Bed Tray Table – Livvie has a similar bed tray that she loves to use in almost all her “free time.” Now, Eva and Macy have it on their list! Livvy loves making herself a “snack tray” after school and climbing into bed to relax with a favorite book or a little screen time. Using this tray for snacks, books, or snacks makes him feel more comfortable and focused. Here are other alternative options

Gold Initial Necklace – IN pure gold plated and loved necklace that makes it personal

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Teen Girls’ Holidays Gift Guide

Carhartt Beanie – We gave these hats to all our girls for Christmas last year in a variety of colors and they wore them all winter and recently broke them out to stay warm in a sporty look.

Weighted heating pad for neck and shoulders – with Massey’s name on it Honestly, any woman I know (hands up here darling) would love this as a gift. So soft and warm… I imagined Maki and I curled up on the sofa, each on my shoulder and a cup of tea in my hand. 🙂

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Oversized Zip Up Hoodie – Eva requested this for Christmas last year and it is still one of the most worn items in her teenage girl’s wardrobe. Macy’s is currently asking for the same zip-up hoodie

Best Gifts For Teens Under $35 In 2023

Revlon Volumizer Hair Dryer and Hot Brush In – This was on Eva’s Christmas list – she couldn’t wait until Christmas until she bought one for herself. She has used it every day since then and loves how much time it saves her drying and styling her hair.

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

String Lights with Photo Clips – Eve is in her room and she used these mini command hooks to hang on the wall.

Bike – We bike everywhere in the summer Long ago, we bought this bike from Walmart for Eva and she loves it

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Best Gifts For Teen Girls

Girl’s Musings – I gave this devotion to Maki and she likes to write it at night before she sleeps

Sanuk Slip-Ons – (Not pictured above.) Maki (our middle daughter, age 11) has been a Sanuk lover in our house for years. And now? Both Livvie and Hava Sanuk are feverish and begging for their partners I guess pre-teen and teenage girls like to wear sandals.

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

You can shop for gifts by clicking the link above **Also, I have LOTS & MANY other teen girl gift ideas right here in my Amazon storefront. But what about younger girls?

A Gift Guide For Teens And Tweens

Our youngest daughter turned nine earlier this month and these are all the items she has made or is on her Christmas wish list this year.

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Keyboard Piano with Stand & Stool – Livvie received it last year and loves putting on concerts for our family. He also likes to take the keyboard into his bedroom and sit on his bed to sing and sing.

Wireless Bluetooth Microphone – Livvie loves to sing with or without a microphone connected, she loves to pretend.

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

Gifts For Tween Girls {updated & Fun!}

Bright Vintage Toy – Definitely this is a great gift for a girl or boy. Last year, Livvy received a Light Brite and said how much she loved it

I think this is a great activity for him after boarding Christmas We also ordered this refill page

Good Gifts For Teenage Tomboys

LCD Composer Tablet – Livvie received this from Santa last year and loves taking it in the car and watching her sisters play games.

Gift Guide For Teen Girls

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