Hidden Skull Tattoo

Hidden Skull Tattoo – Hi Whitty, we would like you to introduce yourself. I have been tattooing for ten years. I moved from Northeastern Pennsylvania to Rocky Mount, NC with my wife in 2018.

So let’s dig a little deeper into the story – was it an easy journey overall, and if not, what challenges did you have to overcome? Starting out as an apprentice was definitely tough. I pushed myself every chance I got to get a better tattoo. To this day, I try to make each line better than the last.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Hidden Skull Tattoo

As you know, we are big fans of you and your work. What can you tell our readers that you don’t know a lot about what you do? I will do any type of tattoo that the client wants. From simple lines to black and gray realities. I like traditional American design a lot, but my main focus is black and gray realism.

Realistic Human Skull Tattoo Style Surrounded By Black Roses · Creative Fabrica

So before we go, how can our readers and others contact and collaborate with you? How can they support you? Like, follow and share @whitey_ellis.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

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Hidden Skull Tattoo

Halloween Tattoo Ideas For The Understated Goth Girl

Skull tattoos have a reputation for being dark and sinister, being associated with death. However, skull tattoos can come in a variety of styles, shapes, and levels of customization, which makes them more than their reputation. Skulls come in a variety of styles, as do almost all creatures – from humans to animals to (probably) aliens.

If you’re thinking about getting a skull tattoo but need more ideas first, here are 31 tips to help you design your next tattoo.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Making a skull tattoo look realistic is all about the details. Use lighter shades to create the appearance of depth and dimension, and fake cracks to make the skull look older.

R O. B L A C K W O R K S — By Ro. Robert Pavez • Hidden Skull In The Leaves

While skulls are usually depicted in black, try adding white ink to your tattoo to add a unique touch. Here, white is used as a detail to add brightness and dimension to the flat, dark ink.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Skull tattoos are not limited to human skulls! If you want something more connected to nature, or less connected to people, choose an animal skull. Add flowers for a traditional yet bold look.

Just because a skull has a special look doesn’t mean you can’t play with it! This tattoo has a curved top which gives the design movement and allows more space for additional design elements.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Freehand Watercolor Flowers With Hidden Skull By Mentjuh On Deviantart

Animal skulls are a common choice for neo-American tattoo designs. Add other typical American traditional elements like these flowers and heavy black work to create a cohesive look.

Choose a line art style for a more minimal and streamlined skull tattoo. This tattoo looks like it is drawn in a single line, which adds a light touch to the blurry image.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Skulls are often depicted as serious, but it’s a little fun to completely personalize your design! This tattoo uses a cartoon face and chin up to create a unique and fun skull tattoo.

Cool Skull And Rose Tattoo Ideas [2024 Inspiration Guide]

Skulls are white so they make great negative space tattoos! Draw a skull shape on your skin and fill it with black to get a custom design.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Sometimes a skull is just any old skull! Rather than trying to add something to give it meaning, play up the menacing side of death by adding bat wings or chain links to continue the same vibe throughout the tattoo.

Animal skull tattoos are a common design choice, but the details you and your artist choose can make your tattoo unique. This tattoo uses a variety of shading and small pieces of negative space to add dimension to the design.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Hidden Moon Tattoo

Don’t be limited by what a “normal” skull looks like. Instead, add your own style – or ask your tattoo artist to add your own – for a completely unique tattoo.

Try incorporating a skull into an unexpected design like this butterfly tattoo. A skull appears in the middle of the bug section, emphasizing the difference between nature and death.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

If you want your skull tattoo to be a little simpler, choose the details wisely so that it doesn’t look like a cartoon. Here, the design uses a medium outline with black work and text to add just enough glamour.

Best Skull Tattoo Designs To Try In 2023

Try adding a group of skull tattoos to your design to play up the scary side. It creates a unique catacomb feel, focusing on the entire body rather than the skull itself.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

To really show the difference between nature and death with your tattoo, make the skull a part of the animal rather than almost coming out of it. If you choose a lot of shading and detail like in this piece, make sure you lighten it up with white ink or negative space.

If you want to include a skull in your design without making it the focal point, use its negative space requirement in your illustration. Place it in the middle of a detailed, shaded tattoo, focusing on the eyes and trying to remove all black color.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Scary, Venomous, Cute

Combine the masculinity and darkness of the skull with a more feminine and lighter silhouette to make it look like a crescent moon. To continue the balancing process, assign the same face to the second image.

Sometimes the best kind of skull tattoo is just a detailed and realistic one! It shows the image without overloading it with additional design elements, but comes out simple and with negative space.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

If you like a “death butterfly” or a butterfly with a skull on the back, but don’t want just a skull on top of the butterfly design, try combining them. This tattoo places the skull on the wing and provides a clear skull design without losing the butterfly element.

Meet Aaron Sheehy

Because human skulls are round in shape, they fit well with other objects of similar shape. Here, the skull appears to be covered with roses, or the skull appears to be part of a skull – the image naturally helps to connect the two different objects.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

The human skull has a classic, somewhat round, but unique shape. For this reason, try using a skull instead of a regular circle in a design like this flower tattoo.

Just because a skull is a serious body part doesn’t mean they have a serious tattoo! Keep the shape, eyes and teeth to define the general elements of the skull, but play with the lines to add a touch of lines.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Skull Tattoo Designs: Explore Top Styles (656 Ideas)

For a truly unique skull tattoo, why not choose a design that doesn’t exist? This unique tattoo uses the traditional human skull design due to the shape of the human head and eyes, but it looks like an alien skull.

The skull doesn’t always have to be the focal point of the tattoo – sometimes it stands out more when other elements take a back seat. The flowers are the main attraction in this piece, but the small skull details in them make a big statement.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Don’t think you need to get a full skull for your tattoo! Customize it to your liking or with other elements you like, such as splitting the skull in half or adding a rose design.

Amazing Indian Skull Headdress Tattoo Ideas 🪶 For 2022

Adding a white outline to a realistic skull tattoo will help your chosen area feel lighter and less stressed. Using white helps add dimension as it mimics the look of light and shadow.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Don’t be afraid to add extra elements to your skull tattoo! This design uses geometric precision to emphasize the shape of the skull.

When getting a skull tattoo, consider the angle at which the design will be placed. Skulls can have a specific shape, but each side looks different, so choose one that fits your space and what you imagine with the ink.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

Rising Stars: Meet Whitey Ellis

As for the unique skull structure, it tries to create an image with no other. This skull tattoo is made of flowers, which creates the illusion of a skull but focuses on the flowers.

Skulls were a common element of sailor tattoos, so they are the main image of neo-american tattoos. Customize your skull with accessories like a real human model to make it your own.

Hidden Skull Tattoo

If you want to keep your skull tattoo minimal

Best Strength Tattoo Ideas And Inspo To Try In 2023

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