Journey To The West

Journey To The West – It has become one of the most influential literary works in China. It is no exaggeration to say that China is confused about the Monkey King. But what if the Monkey King and his friends were played by Western actors in superhero-style costumes?

, which consists of 10 half-hour episodes, is in production in New Zealand and is expected to premiere on ABC, TVNZ and Netflix in 2018. Produced by Oscar and Emmy-winning production company See-Saw Films in association with Jump Film & TV. , this new show follows a young girl and three fallen gods on an epic journey to end the demonic realm of chaos and bring peace and balance to the entire world. And they look like this:

Journey To The West

Journey To The West

In this show, Tripitaka or Tang Sanzang, the pious monk in the book, turns into a girl, played by actress Luciane Buchanan. In the novel, the famous Monkey King, Sun Wukong or Qitian Dasheng, looks like the fictional hero of a western medieval drama. Zhu Bajie, or Pigsy, no longer has a pig face. And Sha Wujing, named Sandy in some English translations, is completely different from that silly, heavy-bearded monk that no one remembers; instead, Sha is the goddess of ice.

The Journey To The West: Demon’s Child (2021)

For the Chinese audience who heard this story in the crib, it was disheartening to see that they could barely tell which character was depicted in the advertisement image. Because, in his mind, these characters should be like this:

Journey To The West

Carry on. We have secured for you the coffin of Wu Cheng’en (author of the original novel) [i.e. if he succeeds].

Tang Sanzang: “You may not believe it, but I am a woman.” This could explain why Tang Sanzang was never seduced by those female spirits.

Journey To The West

A Journey To The West.

These comments are just the tip of the iceberg of how the Chinese feel about this, uh, very modern adaptation (we’ve left out the ones with all the swearing, and we’re not even talking about things like “whitewashing”). After all, as one of the four great classic novels, its immense popularity has left many people with a fixed perception. Over the past few decades, this novel has been adapted at least a hundred times into movies, TV series, animated films, and even stage shows. Some of these plays received great reviews, others did not do well, but at least it is clear that people are not tired of this 600-year-old story. Let’s look at the basics of some effective adaptive activities

(after the show’s title song), the show ran for two 26-episode seasons, running from 1978 to 1979 in Japan. Dubbed into English in 1979, it was broadcast in England by the BBC, in New Zealand by TVNZ and in Australia by the ABC, and became very popular. In fact, the new one

Journey To The West

It’s actually more about this Japanese show than the original novel. Knowing this, you will not be surprised

Journey To The West: The Demons Strike Back’ Review

In 1986, Chinese director Yang Jie turned the novel into a 25-part television series. The series faithfully followed the original story and delivered what is widely considered by Chinese audiences to be the best and most faithful rendition of the novel, helping it achieve an 89.4 percent viewership rating at the time of its emission. The show is still televised every year and is considered a classic in Chinese television history. Even today, when the Chinese argue

Journey To The West

, the associated images are mostly from this show, and it’s hard to find a Chinese person who hasn’t seen the series, unless they’ve read the books. Since 1986, the series has been rebroadcast about 3,000 times on local channels in China.

Is a 1995 Hong Kong film in two parts, directed by Jeffrey Lau and starring Stephen Chow. The first chapter is entitled

Journey To The West

Journey To The West By Wunking On Deviantart

In this film, Tang Sanzang becomes a grieving monk and Monkey, who could no longer stand before his master, abandons the monk on his way to the west and is later reincarnated as a human. Then began his story of adventures and this time, it involved romantic love.

This daring adaptation received a surprisingly good response. The first episode earned HKD 25,093,380 and the second episode earned HKD 20,872,117 in Hong Kong. More than 20 years later, it remains influential. Even today, if you refer to someone as “Monk Tang”, people take it to mean that they are disaffected. In 2016, the third part a

Journey To The West

Came to the screen, with Han Geng and Tang Yan playing the lead roles. As for Part 3 reviews, let’s put it this way: If you want your memories of the first two parts to be fond, check your desire to see it.

Journey To The West (1986 Tv Series)

, a 2000 Chinese romantic comedy-drama, centered on Zhu Bajie, a pig. In this drama, Zhu Bajie, played by Xu Zheng, is a stupid but kind-hearted pig who wanted to become a human. He meets and falls in love with the dragon princess, played by Tao Hong. The series is full of comedy, but in the end (SPOILER ALERT!), the dragon princess sacrifices herself to protect the springs of the East Sea, leaving the sad pig alone in the world.

Journey To The West

The show won 30 percent of the vote, allowed more than 20 local television stations to air reruns, and spawned other spin-offs. Actors Xu and Tao became close friends because of this show and eventually got married in 2002. Let’s say together:

It’s not the most popular adaptation, but if you’ve seen it, you’ll remember it. This story follows the events of the novel, when the monk successfully brought the Buddhist scriptures to China and was granted Buddhahood. In this story, Heaven saw a rebellion led by an evil god named Wutian, which resulted in the Buddha being defeated and forced to reincarnate into a human named Qiao Ling’er. Qiao lived in the mortal world with no memory of his immortal life, but is still hunted by Wutian. Finally, with the help of Monkey, Tang Sanzang, and many other bodhisattvas and deities, Qiao returned to heaven and became Buddha again. But (SPOILERS AGAIN!) Monkey sacrificed himself in the fight against Wutian. It is probably the only adaptation in which the Monkey King finally dies.

Journey To The West

How Tall Are The Main Characters From Journey To The West?

If you haven’t had enough, there’s Journey to the West: Conquest of the Demons, 3D Monkey King and Monkey King of┬áhip-hop, pop, electronica and rock!

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Journey To The West

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Journey To The West (2013)

Is the exciting story of the Monkey King and his epic quest, with his trusted friends, to save himself. They face fantastic enemies, demons and monsters during their incredible adventures in the western paradise.

Journey To The West

No matter what obstacles were put in front of him, the wise and intelligent Monkey King always got what he wanted: unimaginable power, eternal life, even his position in the Kingdom of Heaven with the gods. More than anything, the Monkey King loved mischief and breaking the rules and believed he was the most powerful creature in the world.

But after being defeated and punished for his tricks, the Monkey King found himself wanting something he never expected: to be disciplined and good enough to help the monk Hsuan Zhang in his mission to spread the Buddhist scriptures and bring enlightenment in China

Journey To The West

Journey To The West Review

Readers of all ages will be captivated by Timothy Richard’s account of the Monkey King’s exploits, whether in the Dragon King’s underwater castle, the Halls of the Dead or the Buddha’s palace itself, and when the Monkey King meets Hsuan Zhang and meet his friends, they are captivated. The dragon horse, monk Sand and the equally evil pig on the dangerous journey to the west. Despite the story’s ancient origins, Anthony C. Yu’s translation of Journey to the West, originally published in 1983, introduced the classic Chinese novel in its entirety to English-speaking audiences for the first time. Written in the 16th century, Journey to the West tells the story of the fourteen-year pilgrimage of the monk Xuanzang, one of China’s most famous religious heroes, and his three supernatural disciples in search of the Buddhist scriptures. Along his journey, Xuanzang battles demons who want to eat him, speaks with spirits, and traverses a land full of obstacles, both real and imagined. An adventure rich in peril and excitement, this seminal work in the Chinese literary canon revisits allegory, satire, and fantasy.

There are hundreds of chapters written in both prose and poetry, Journey to the West

Journey To The West

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