Laffy Taffy Jokes

Laffy Taffy Jokes – Ah, to be a child again! I remember the summer days when we cycled with a group of children to a local egg farm. As well as eggs, milk and bread, this little shop had many shelves full of sweets, some of which are now hard to find. But one of my favorite flavours, which I loved as a child, is banana. I would always prefer banana ice cream, banana ice cream, banana flavored candies, anything banana! The truth is, I still do! So it’s no surprise that a banana slice from Laffy Taffy was my favorite treat. Such a tasty, bright and fun little thing! (Especially with a symbolic puzzle or joke in the package! Who doesn’t like them?!)

Fast forward a few years (ok, ok… quite a few years) and I discovered that I was working for the best taffy water salt company! Taffy Shop salt water taffy is the creme de la creme of taffy. Gourmet at its best! Each piece is whipped to perfection to bring out a light, airy and soft texture. So it’s no surprise that one of the first flavors I tried from Taffy Shop was Banana Dream. Oh My. Kindness. You had me at Banana! One piece was enough!

Laffy Taffy Jokes

Laffy Taffy Jokes

You can take my word for it or take the banana challenge and see for yourself!

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Filed under: banana, taffy laffy banana, taffy banana, taffy laffy, taffy laffy jokes, taffy water taffy, taffy water taffy Okay, so this review might be going a little backwards compared to the video review , but at the end of the day, as long as the information gets out, it probably doesn’t really matter. Now why don’t you kick back, relax and enjoy this Laffy Taffy review.

I have two types of Laffy Taffy with me today: Sour Apple and Strawberry, and even though I know, I usually try to do reviews for only one flavor of candy at a time. It seemed that at least a few generalizations could be made in this case.

Laffy Taffy is quite a unique product. Although most people have drunk local saltwater taffy at some point in their lives (maybe at a local fair?), there aren’t many home-packaged taffy on the market. Honestly, this is the only one that comes to mind.

Will it stand up to fair county/artisan comparisons? No, probably not, but it sure is interesting.

Your Chance To Get Joke Printed On Laffy Taffy Wrapper

Laffy Taffy and indeed all Wonka sweets have a carefree quality to them that I love. The design work on the packaging, the advertising, everything that goes into how the candy is printed makes it look like a lot of fun. I was happy that Laffy Taffy was incorporated into the Wonka brand (after Nestle launched it) because it is such a different candy that it fits in well with the whimsical world of Willy Wonka.

Speaking of irreverent fun, the packaging of all Laffy Taffys actually has jokes in it. Sure, Bazooka Joe can do it too, but it’s pretty fun. The jokes aren’t great, but because they’re (at least theoretically) added by customers, they’re fresher than the average joke you’d find in Bazooka Joe or a box of Crackers Jacks.

As for candy, I have to commend Laffy Taffy for being so easy to open. If you watch the video review you will see the sad situation when trying to get through what should be simple packaging. I know this doesn’t happen every time, I understand, but this time it happened and unfortunately during the review.

Laffy Taffy Jokes

The candy itself is a little sticky to the touch, but the smell and colors, especially in the case of Sour Apple Taffy, are absolutely pop.

My Morning Laffy Taffy Joke Was A Little Too Dark Today…

Chewing into the candy is much different than biting into your local toffee. It feels processed and sweet. but not in a very bad way. Honestly, I like how manufactured it is. Laffy Taffy has intense flavors and that’s good, but it comes at a price. You’ll need to chew a candy or two well to get the full effect. It doesn’t melt in your mouth. My advice if you really want to get the most out of it… put the whole piece in your mouth at once. You get a mouthful of flavors in a slightly complicated but pleasant situation for you. And not to be rude, but this is the kind of candy that makes you drool when you eat it. This is necessarily a very wet dining experience.

Toffee can and probably will get stuck in your teeth. It’s a shame, because the flavors are very decent. I’m not a huge Sour Apple fan, but I really think this is good. The yield and chewiness of the taffy is reminiscent of bubble gum (not caramel).

Despite my few reservations, I want to be clear, Laffy Taffy is very good. It’s interesting and different, the flavors are strong, and I’ve found from experience that even flavors I don’t like in other contexts (eg banana) can work well. in the form of Laffy Taffy.

You should definitely check it out if you haven’t before. To watch a video review of Laffy Taffy, you can check out this post or check out all the reviews on the review page. I couldn’t find them separately, so I had to buy a huge bag of Wonka Halloween candies to check out these seasonal flavors. Which means if these suck, I’m stuck with a lot of them. Well, until Halloween anyway. (That’s right, I’m using Halloween as an excuse to get rid of the B-Team candy that gets bad reviews on the blog. But I also gave away Giant Pixie Stix last year, so I guess my candy karma balances out.) I don’t have much to review in terms of packaging, so let’s read some terrible jokes and then get straight to the review! First, Pumpkin Donut LaffyTaffy, show me what you can do!

Buy Laffy Taffy® Guess The Joke Card Game At S&s Worldwide

Oh! Clowns? This is kind of timely considering all the crazy clowns seen in the country. So, “Why don’t monsters eat clowns?” This is an old man. Ready?

BECAUSE THEY TASTE FUNNY! Yes, it’s not the funniest joke ever and it’s a bit tired, but LaffyTaffy (or at least Kathy S.) tried. Apple Crisp, do you have anything less… old?

Okay, first of all, that wonderful name, “A. Ockles”? I just look at it instead of joking! This time our candy asks: “Which car does the ghost drive?” Oh! More difficult. I must admit that I know nothing about cars, so the first thing that came to my mind was “jalopy”, or… like “boo-lopy”? A cadaver vet? Ok, I give up, what car does the ghost drive?

Laffy Taffy Jokes

BOO-ICK?! Are Buicks even fashionable anymore? I feel like most young people are teenagers and twenty year olds wouldn’t even know what it is. (Then again, I know nothing about cars, so maybe that’s because I’m lame.) The time for jokes is over, it’s time to tear them apart and try them! Honestly, my expectations are SUPER low. I’m not normally a fan of LaffyTaffy, although I LOVE the Easter coconut version and none of those flavors sound very appealing, but I’ll try them anyway. You never know, right?

Laffy Taffy Partners With Actor And Comedian Joel Mchale To Launch

Pumpkin Donut – Not as bad as I expected! It is light orange in color and smells sweet with a hint of pumpkin spice. I took a bite, it was spicy but mild. I don’t really understand the smell of the “doughnut”, but it’s like vanilla butterscotch with spiced pumpkin and it was quite pleasant. It’s not something I’d buy a whole bag of or stock up on, but I liked it better than most of LaffyTaffy’s year-round offerings. Apple Crisp – I was surprised it wasn’t light green like the packaging. This one is a spicy brown color and smells of cinnamon and green apple flavor. And that’s pretty much what it tastes like. This was a surprise winner for me. I usually don’t like green apple flavored candies because they seem artificial and although this one is chemically artificial, the cinnamon and spice flavor keeps it real. I reach for this much more often than the pumpkin donut and I’m really surprised how well this flavor works in toffee form. On a pumpkin scale of 1 to 5 (5 being the most pumpkin), I’d give this a 2.5. Not very pumpkiny at all, a bit spicy, but very autumnal. It also gets an extra 0.5 points because it doesn’t taste like a Bath & Body Works candle like I expected, so I bump it up to a 3.

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