Messi When He Was Young

Messi When He Was Young – Review: The Argentine star had to fight to become the best player in the world, as the economic crisis his country was experiencing overlapped with…

Graphic storytelling has always used a formula meant to reflect society. Every hero has his weaknesses. Endocrinologist Diego Schwarztin was advising the medical team at Newell’s Old Boys and one day he received a call: There was a boy in the youth ranks who was worrying because all his classmates had grown up except him.

Messi When He Was Young

Messi When He Was Young

There was a time when he was treated and diagnosed and the first problem arose: determining if there was a problem or not, if there was a developmental problem or just a small child. Lionel Messi, soccer star and isolated teenager, has found his kryptonite. The test went well and the injections began, feeding his body with hormones that weren’t helping him grow on his own.

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“I think if you were to ask if the worst thing that could happen is having to take injections every day, I’m sure he wouldn’t answer.

Messi When He Was Young

“He would probably tell you that the worst thing was having to leave his neighbors and family and not being able to play for a while due to transfer problems. Not the treatment.”

Schwarzstein is the man who has been at the heart of Messi’s growth over the past two-and-a-half years. As a Newell footballer and fan, he made time to listen to patient stories, championship wins, top 10 scores and goals. The relationship between the two parties and the doctor’s experience with children allowed him to understand that Messi is concerned about football and the abuse he receives, but that the poor treatment to which young people are subjected makes the child fat, short-eyed and small.

Messi When He Was Young

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But two and a half years later, Messi encountered his second Kryptonite. In telling the story of this unique boy, it would be unfair to remove that it is not only a problem for the hero, but a problem that affected a large part of Argentine society. The country’s 1990s neoliberal policies led to a collapse of the state in the 2000s that extended to all spheres of public and private life.

There is no doubt that the Barcelona star is just one of the victims of the economic crisis that has shaken Argentina and middle-class families like Messi. The rising star’s prescriptions were paid for by an insurance company on the verge of bankruptcy, which, in order to save money, decided to cut member services, including hormone therapy.

Messi When He Was Young

Leonel’s father also struggled to work, along with three million other Argentines. With the medication costing $1,300 a month and the devaluation of the peso on the way, it will be very difficult to afford it. At such a young age, Lionel couldn’t understand it, but he felt it, and 30 percent of his treatment was still incomplete.

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“Nothing will happen to him on the health front because staying in the half leaves no effect. But he will be shorter than he is now,” the doctor explained from his office in Rosario, as he is constantly called every time. Number 10 was injured and was asked if it was his fault – which it was not at all.

Messi When He Was Young

Messi’s family became desperate. Lionel’s father, Jorge, began scrambling to find a way to pay, but the difficult political situation in Newell’s – not to mention the economic storm rocking the country – meant the club decided not to donate the money themselves. The money didn’t come. Messi was brought to Buenos Aires, for a trial with River Plate, and was accepted, but the El Millonario also refused to part with the young star’s money.

At that time, the opportunity arose to go to Barcelona, ​​another difficult call for the young Messi, surrounded by conflicts between the club, his father and a group of intermediaries who had already left him in football for a year.

Messi When He Was Young

Lionel Messi: Boy Genius

Years earlier, after Schwarzstein had completed his medical studies, he had gone to Catalonia to specialize in endocrinology. Upon hearing that Messi was linked to Barcelona, ​​Messi took it upon himself to contact his old teachers at City and tell them so that someone he trusted could see Lionel.

Number 10 went with his father to live in Barcelona, ​​his mother and siblings stayed in Rosario, and his old friend played in a building on Israel Street. He dropped out of school and lost the star of the Newell’s Class 87 team. Messi did not even find the love of his life, as he met Antonella Roccuzzo, the cousin of his colleague Lucas Scalia, and years later they became partners – working with him and the mother of his children.

Messi When He Was Young

He resumed treatment in Barcelona and completed 30 percent. The Catalan club provided the money and Messi was able to reach the level where his body was supposed to grow naturally. If he had not continued to inject himself every day, who knows what would have happened to the lives of Pep Guardiola, Xavi, Andres Iniesta and the four Champions League trophies that Barcelona have won since Messi’s domestic arrival.

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When he first walked into the doctor’s office, he was 1.27 meters tall and nine years old. He is 1.69 meters tall, two inches taller than Diego Maradona. It’s not just a coincidence, it’s the result of Schwarztin’s promise to his young patient: “I don’t know if you’ll be better than Maradona, but you’ll be taller.” In an exclusive interview, former Blaugrana striker Andrea Orlandi said that if the Argentine was shy on the field, he was aggressive on it.

Messi When He Was Young

Lionel Messi was so competitive in his youth that he “would bite your ankle if you lost the ball,” according to former Barcelona striker Andrea Orlandi.

The Blaugrana captain has a reputation for being reserved off the pitch, but Orlandi, who spent two years on loan at the Catalan club between 2005 and 2007, says Messi is a different animal.

Messi When He Was Young

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Orlandi said: “Training with him was not fun, and you could not get the ball away from him or get close to him.” “He was a very shy person and Ronaldinho took care of him. I remember he would make coffee for Ronnie and not say a word, but he would turn into a monster on the pitch.”

“I’ve never seen someone as competitive as he was when he was 17 or 18. He would bite your ankle if you lost the ball, and he couldn’t handle it. You could see he was going to be big but I didn’t do it.” We expect him to be the best player in football history.

Messi When He Was Young

“At that time, Ronaldinho was the reference point and he was the best thing I’d seen in terms of pure quality. Messi is different from him. He’s not a showboat, he’ll show you the ball and it’s not there anymore.

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“It’s the little movements; he’s very good at releasing pressure. You can’t show him on his weaker leg because he was so good on both sides. You can’t kick him because you can’t get close to him.”

Messi When He Was Young

“It hurt me not to get close to that level as a young player, but I was lucky enough to train and play with him. What impressed me most was the way he got the ball in tight areas, ran with six players, but knew he would get out of it, and he didn’t Most players even think about doing this.

“My strongest memory is the training session in which he returned from injury. [Coach Frank] Rijkaard organized a training match where he combined the second-team players with the first-team players. I was with Samuel Eto’o in my team and against Messi.

Messi When He Was Young

Lionel Messi, The Little Boy Who Became The Greatest In History

“He got the ball in the middle and went through one, two, three, four and five. He went past the keeper and scored. It looked easy and he had just come back from injury. Maybe we were lucky that he came back from injury. Because if he was healthy he could do more.”

“I think he and Cristiano Ronaldo have the same mentality of wanting to be the best every day. I think doing what he wants to do and knowing how to do it is what made him the greatest player of all time. Your ankle or your kick.

Messi When He Was Young

“Don’t forget that he trained with Deco, Xavi and Eto’o and he is not shy on the field even though he is a shy person. All the players are very determined and more competitive than others and want to continue.

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“Ronaldinho had the qualities of Messi and Ronaldo, but he did not take care of himself as they both did, so he was not like them. Even now, he is still working in his thirties and has continued to do so, God willing.”

Messi When He Was Young

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