Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas – Long days spent at the pumpkin patch are always worth it when you walk away with delicious ripe pumpkins to decorate at home. Cute Pinterest pictures of adorable mini pumpkins dotting the stairs and giant jack-o-lanterns clustered on the front porch don’t have to be on your mind this fall. We’ve taken the time to sort through the many pumpkin decorating ideas, finding only the easiest and most creative options that we’re sure you’ll want to try this holiday season.

If you’re not sure how to carve a pumpkin, don’t worry, because this no-carve pumpkin design has many alternative ways to decorate. Some of these are classic pumpkin faces and fun painting ideas that can be done in minutes, while others offer award-winning vibes with glitter, calligraphy and more cool (and scary) DIY options.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

So don’t wait to get those creative juices flowing, check out the best uncarved pumpkin decorating ideas for 2023 below.

Easy No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas Your Family Will Love

, we carved this design into the pumpkin. But ignore the details, and choose a vibrant faux feather, and glue it in place. We recommend orange over green pumpkins to brighten them up.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

This cute unicorn pumpkin is easy to make and super adorable. Attach a small corn to the top of your pumpkin and paint on eyelashes and blush.

A bit of a cut, but it’s pretty easy. Make a hole in the top of your mini pumpkin and fill the top with your favorite flowers.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

No Carve Nature Pumpkins

If you’re looking for a more subtle but lively pumpkin, top it off with a festive hat. This is secured with a pin.

Your guests can hail the king at your Halloween party. All you have to do is glue on some hair and sunglasses. If you want to go a step further, make a glitter paper collar.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

For an innovative design, turn your pumpkin into a fruit. Paint your pumpkin a vibrant yellow and top it with different shades of green to create a leafy top.

No Carve Halloween Pumpkins Round Up

This vibrant pumpkin is draped with fabric to create a draped look. Choose colors and patterns to coordinate with the rest of your decor.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

This cute cow face will liven up any porch or Halloween display. Simply turn your pumpkin on its side, draw a white stripe down the middle and decorate with buttons and felt to make eyes, a muzzle and ears.

Take your painted pumpkins a little further with this galaxy inspired artwork. Fill the black pumpkin with spots of pink, blue and gold paint to create this look.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

No Carve (tattoo) Pumpkin Decor

For a fun spin on flowers, try preserved flowers on your succulents. Arrange the flowers in a whimsical pattern and attach to the pumpkin with a hot glue gun.

This spooky guy is sure to keep monsters at bay. Stack a couple of pumpkins on top of each other after removing the stems from the bottom. At the same time spray white and paint on black circles and ovals to create the skeleton and bones of the face.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

Prepare your pumpkins for a scary masquerade ball. Simply place these different types of masks around the circumference of each pumpkin and use straight pins to hold them in place. You’ll find a gang of pumpkins ready for their Halloween close-up.

No Carve Pumpkin Ideas With Posca

Cupcake liners are good for more than just baking. When you place a few dozen on the pumpkins of your choice, you can create a unique structure that will really update your spooky decor.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

For a spooky twist on your typical pumpkin stand, try outfitting it with plastic vampire fangs. To complete the look, add some round paper. If you haven’t actually carved the teeth you can glue them on.

If you have a squashed pumpkin or are trying to pick up a faded plastic pumpkin, look no further than washi tape to solve your problems. All you have to do is hang the printed tape around the pumpkin, fill in all the gaps and spaces and seal it with a layer of Mod Podge.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

No Carve Pumpkin Decorating For Kids To Get Creative

Elaborate the cobweb-covered coat with pumpkins decorated in black and white stripes. Top off the look with chandeliers and string lights — along with skulls, of course.

Put your hometown pride on full display with this creative pumpkin design. Start by printing a decal in the shape of your state. After applying it to your pumpkin, cover it in two layers of acrylic paint. (Keep in mind that each coat takes about 30 minutes to dry.) Finally, remove the plaster after your pumpkin is dry.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

Wow party guests with this trendy studded pumpkin. Use hot glue to attach gold studs, or buy one with prongs that can easily be pushed into your juice.

Creative No Carve Pumpkin Ideas (quick & Fun) — Empress Of Dirt

To our friends! Collect acorns, sunflower seeds, dry leaves, toothpicks and some nuts. Then, hot glue them onto your pumpkin to make each of these adorable animals.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

This is one the kids will definitely enjoy helping! To do that, take the tissue paper and fold it on itself a few times, while placing a thick paper underneath to give the punch more structure. Then, punch out a handful of circles in various shapes. Next, using a craft brush, paint a layer of Mod Podge where you’re going to start laying the fabric circles. Next, place a circle and brush over it with another layer of Mod Podge. Finally, overlap the circles to create the look and continue step 3 until you have complete coverage!

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Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

Fabulous Cute No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

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78 Easy Pumpkin Carving Ideas 45 Best Halloween Wishes and Sayings 68 Spooky Halloween Quotes Sorry, we have to: Taylor and Travis Costume Jack-O’-Lanterns may be a classic Halloween decoration, but there’s no denying that pumpkin carving can be tricky. No, and a bit dangerous too. If you’re worried about your kids handling sharp tools (or you don’t have time to throw away pumpkin guts), you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of pumpkin decorating ideas.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

Includes a carving knife. In fact, all you need to pull off our favorite no-carve pumpkin designs is a carved pumpkin, a bucket full of craft supplies, and some inspiration to get you started.

Epic No Carve Pumpkins You’ll Want To Show Off

From painted pumpkins that fit well into a modern Halloween wedding, to fun pumpkin faces that kids will love to make, adults and kids alike will love these simple, no-carve pumpkin decorations. So, what can you use to decorate a pumpkin? Pom poms, paint, glitter, fake spiders, cobwebs, twinkle lights, rickrack – you can use almost anything to decorate your pumpkin this fall. The sky’s the limit when it comes to this classic Halloween craft.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

Ready to create a work of art? Next, you’ll find all kinds of ideas for decorating pumpkins, big and small, whether you’re up for a light carving job or want to keep it simple with a few well-placed stickers.

Fill clear jars with sweets. Decorate small to medium pumpkins with crackers, googly eyes, buttons, felt and zippers to create features and clothing. Use pins and hot glue to attach. For the baseball cap, cut a 1½-inch Styrofoam ball in half. Cut four to five triangles of white to make domes and semicircles for the brim. Attach with glue and add rickrack for decoration.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

No Carve Halloween Pumpkins For A Safe Family Project For Everyone

Stack two French pumpkins on top of each other and make eyes with pine cones. Finish with some leaves for feathers.

Cut off the tops of two large pumpkins, then stack them on top of each other. Chime with small pumpkin, stem still attached. Grab your glue gun, and start attaching buttons of different sizes to make a candy piece shape in all three pumpkins.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

Although it is a beautiful design, little cutting is necessary, it is not technically engraved. Start by painting your pumpkin white (unless you bought a white pumpkin, in which case, skip to the next step). Draw any wrap design on it, and then carve the lines with a linoleum cutting tool. Glue googly eyes onto a pair of white pong balls and draw red veins. Finally, cut out the eyes so the bubbles fit inside.

Best Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Use painter’s tape to outline several vertical stripes or thick horizontal stripes on your pumpkin, then use a floral stencil and craft paint to fill in those spots with darker colors.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

Few creatures are as Halloween-y as spiders with all their eight-legged creepiness. Use tweezers and glue to secure the sequins to the pumpkin.

Make your Halloween decorations last a little longer with these fall decals that you can stick on pumpkins.

Non Carving Decorating Pumpkin Ideas

Easy No Carve Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Fall means plaid is almost everywhere, and that includes your pumpkins! Take the orange and white pumpkin and use the duct tape

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