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Shower Thoughts – Culture Here are 18 of the coolest ‘shower thoughts’ shared by one man this year.

The phrase “shower thoughts” began appearing in the public lexicon more than a century later. Know Your Meme has been featuring them since around 2004, and their first appearance on Urban Dictionary was in 2009 when Mr. Kageka submitted an entry for “shower thoughts.” Part of “Morning.” everyday.”

Shower Thoughts

Shower Thoughts

Reddit’s popular Shower Thoughts forum defines it as “a miniature epiphany that shows the strangeness of something familiar.”

Shower Thoughts: Funny, Deep, Random

These thoughts don’t require too much thought, but they seem to creep into our minds when we do simple tasks that allow our minds to wander, like showering or brushing our teeth.

Shower Thoughts

In these everyday moments, the prefrontal cortex relaxes and the mind goes into autopilot, unleashing all the amazing sparkle we’ve been subconsciously storing up.

For some of us, our thoughts come and go, we laugh for a while and then move on with our day. Others feel it’s their duty to share their shower thoughts with the world and post them on Reddit.

Shower Thoughts

Shower Thoughts By Cj Hinds — Kickstarter

He said, “The generation in their 20s and early 30s that hates TikTok so much is the beginning of the millennial generation, which hates everything young people do.”

A TokTokker named @doublejynx went one step further and recorded a video of himself thinking about showering every day for 365 days. In each video he shares a few of them, so he’s made over 1,000 videos over the years.

Shower Thoughts

The real beauty of it all is that you get so much of it when you can’t force yourself to shower. It comes suddenly, like a gentle breeze or the sound of chirping birds.

Shower Thoughts Someone, Somewhere, At Some Point Has Probably Idly Fantasized About Being In Relationship With You. 9.7k 305 Share Award Best Comments Bobfalafel Now Deal. I Have Niahtmares Too

Here are 18 of his best videos. Check out the full post as it contains some hidden gems.

Shower Thoughts

“Jeff Bezos could technically be Santa Claus in a very large part of the world if he wanted to.”

@doublejynx Day 365. Thank you to everyone for your incredible support throughout the year. Here is one of my favorite shower ideas. Read my review

Shower Thoughts

Shower Thoughts Comics On Tumblr

“What would happen if atoms were recombined in the same way after a person died?”

Arthur S. Brooks and Oprah Winfrey continue their quest for greater happiness with their podcast, “Create the Life You Want.”

Shower Thoughts

Arthur S. Brooks, Oprah Winfrey and their book, Create the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Happiness.

Shower Thoughts: The Things You Think About While Showering By Daniel White

A recent YouGov poll found that most Americans are somewhat happier. 21% said they were ‘very happy’, 55% said they were ‘very happy’, 18% said they were ‘not very happy’, and 5% said they were ‘not happy at all’.

Shower Thoughts

These numbers aren’t that bad, but they can always be better. So Craig Jablin met with Arthur S. Brooks, one of America’s leading happiness experts.

Brooks is a scholar, public speaker, and author of 13 books, including the #1 New York Times bestseller of 2023, Create the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Happiness, co-written with Oprah Winfrey.

Shower Thoughts

Shower Thoughts As Random As They Are Deep

Brooks and Winfrey continue their pursuit of greater happiness with their new podcast, Create The Life You Want.

In the interview, Brooks reveals three of the biggest misconceptions people have about happiness and says perfect happiness is neither attainable nor desirable.

Shower Thoughts

“In other words, it’s not a destination, it’s a direction. The point is to be happy. If it were a destination, you would say, ‘I want to erase all the negative emotions.’” “You’ll be dead in a week because you need those feelings to survive,” Brooks said. Negative emotions are essential for a correct perception of the external world. Negative experiences are the only things that help you learn and grow. These things are necessary and you don’t want to be completely happy. But you can be happy.”

Strange But True Shower Thoughts

“He sat with me for half an hour, stroking the glass and lying next to me as if he was supporting and protecting me.”

Shower Thoughts

A breastfeeding mother’s experience at Vienna’s Schönbrunn Zoo touched hearts, but also caused quite a stir.

Gemma Copeland was featured on her Boobie Babies Facebook page after sharing her own story on Facebook. Her published photos show a mother nursing her baby by the window of the zoo’s orangutan cage, and a female orangutan sitting near the glass window and watching her baby.

Shower Thoughts

Subreddit Of The Week: R/showerthoughts

Today I received feeding assistance from a most unexpected source. It was the most surreal moment of my life and I cried.

My partner and son took a short break to visit Schönbrunn Zoo in Vienna. We finished our day’s work and went in to see the orangutans happily playing in their enclosure. So I went over to the window and sat down there to get a closer look. So I was able to see an orangutan that was about 5/6 feet tall. . far. Then she got up, took a cloth by the window and sat with me. He looked me straight in the eye and placed his hand on my son. I was in awe of this beautiful creature.

Shower Thoughts

My son wanted to eat, so I fed him while he sat there. The orangutan’s behavior took my breath away, as he looked at me and then back at my son. She continued: – He sat with me for about 30 minutes, stroking the glass and lying next to me. Please support and protect me.

Shower Thoughts Reddit Roundup

I had to share this because it blew my mind. We may be separate species, but breast milk connects us once in a lifetime and will be with us forever. I’m so lucky that my partner captured it all on video

Shower Thoughts

The Facebook page added a story about women from La Leche League, a breastfeeding support group, teaching gorillas how to breastfeed.

Did you know that the women of La Leche League once taught mother gorillas how to breastfeed? The mother gorilla was born and raised in captivity and did not know what to do with her first cub, and her child sadly died. The next time she became pregnant, her nursing mothers sat next to the gorilla enclosure and fed the babies, and she showed the gorillas what to do. When the gorilla gave birth to her cub, a volunteer came and nursed her baby, who taught the mother step by step how to do it. Her mother gorilla watched and followed suit, successfully feeding her baby.

Shower Thoughts

The Very Best 136 Shower Thoughts 2024

The story has been shared over 37,000 times, with many commenters commenting on how beautiful and touching it is. Others who appreciated the beauty of animal encounters were saddened to see such creatures in captivity. As with almost every post about zoo animals, there has been some debate about whether zoos are good or bad for the animals they keep.

As with most discussions, people’s opinions vary. Some people believe that zoos are the best way for people to learn about animals firsthand, which leads to greater interest in protecting animals in the wild. Some people acknowledge that breeding is not perfect. But we acknowledge that many animals will die individually or become extinct as a species without the jobs they create. Some people believe that keeping animals in captivity is always wrong. Even animal experts disagree on this point.

Shower Thoughts

And not all zoos are created equal. Many zoos have shifted more to a rehabilitation and conservation model, and there is no doubt that many animals raised in captivity would not survive if suddenly released into the wild. Because reproduction is a natural instinct of animals, there is also the question of whether attempts to limit natural reproduction in captivity constitute ethical treatment of animals. And what about animals that have become extinct in nature and can only be found in zoos? When it comes to zoos, there are a million questions with a million vague answers.

Random Shower Thoughts

But there is one thing most people can agree on. Do you think zoos are good or bad, necessary or not, and exist today because of human activity interacting with nature? It is nature that forces this creature to bond with its human mother despite its unnatural surroundings. Orangutans are on the verge of extinction as humans destroy nature for palm oil for cookies and soap. It is one of those parts of our nature that we all have a responsibility to protect.

Shower Thoughts

Whether this story is sweet, sad, or somewhere in between, the reality of wild orangutans is worth noting. To learn more about how to help, visit

They said they had children. They said it would be really good. father can do it

Shower Thoughts

Shower Thoughts~ (feat My Friend Again)

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