Bible Facts You Never Knew

Bible Facts You Never Knew – Most people are familiar with the cultural and theological significance of the King James Version of the Bible, one of the building blocks of Christianity and the English language as we know it today. However, you may not know about some of the details in its pages, nor about some of the accidents and disagreements that are part of its rich history. From a look at the numbers – and not just the central book – to a devastating omission in one unfortunate print, there is a lot of interesting trivia in and out of the pages of this volume. Here are some fun facts about the King James Bible that you may not know, from the book’s publication history to some of its figures and features.

From the Old Testament to the New, the writing and compilation of all the texts we now know as the Holy Bible took more than a thousand years. The first five books of the Old Testament, known in Yiddish as the Torah, were not written until the 8th century BC, but some biblical scholars believe their history predates written records by another 600 years. At the other end of the spectrum, the book of Revelation was thought to have been completed in AD 96, bringing the length of the Bible’s composition to about 1,500 years. It would be almost another 1,500 years before the first edition of the King James Bible was printed – talk about ancient history.

Bible Facts You Never Knew

Bible Facts You Never Knew

The King James Bible is a cornerstone of the modern English language. But translation is not as simple as going from one language to another. Originally, the books of the Bible were written in many languages, as appropriate for the writing process that lasted for centuries. The books of the Old Testament were written in Hebrew and Aramaic – a Semitic language related to Hebrew and Arabic – while the New Testament was written in Greek – although a Greek version that was significantly different from the version spoken today. The Apocryphal books were written in Greek and Latin.

The Men Who Wrote Scripture Were Not Inspired By God

From the source materials, a committee of translators was able to unite the texts in the common language of the English people, making the scriptures more accessible than ever.

Bible Facts You Never Knew

The King James Version of the Bible is famous as the first English translation to find widespread readership and acceptance, but technically it was not the first time the Bible was written in English. William Tyndale translated the New Testament from the Greek into early modern English in 1526, and complete translations including the Old Testament would follow. The Geneva Bible of 1560 was the Bible of choice among the English Puritans, who would go on to establish the New World. However, some of the Calvinistic interpretations and annotations, and their insufficient attention to the kingdom, were very objectionable to King James, which prompted him to authorize a new translation. Those Bibles fell by the wayside, but the KJV endured.

How many group projects have you worked on where it felt like one person did all the work? The writing of the King James Bible was one of the largest projects of the scholarship group, and suffice it to say that not one person did all the work before it was done. 47 scholars and translators collaborated in this important project for seven years in what can be called the largest literary work of the committee.

Bible Facts You Never Knew

What Is Revelation Knowledge?

One word can change the entire meaning of a sentence. Unfortunately for one set of printers of the King James Version, this word was located in one of the Ten Commandments, the set of laws that are the foundation of the Old Testament. In this print, the mitzvah of the prohibition of adultery was missing being “no” after “do”, making the prohibition a surprisingly unknown reinforcement. This typographical error was not a liberalization of the great Mosaic law, the disgrace of adultery in 17th century England, and the printers were punished for their mistake. This edition, called “The Wicked Bible”, survives in several rare book collections around the world.

Much of the Bible is devoted to prophecy. The prophets didn’t hit every claim, but the Bible had more fulfilled prophecies than unfulfilled ones, leading by a score of 3,268 to 3,140, ​​or a .510 prophetic batting average – better than even Ted Williams’ never hit.

Bible Facts You Never Knew

Of the many books, chapters and verses in the King James Bible, the length of each varies greatly. The book of Psalms has 150 chapters, and Psalm 119 has 176 verses. For the longest verse, you will have to look at Esther 8:9, which has 78 words. On the short side, you won’t find more meaning in fewer words than in John 11:35, which reads simply: “Jesus wept.”

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If you want to speed up your journey, you can choose to listen to a reading from the King James Version. Assuming a moderate pace, listening to the Bible cover to cover would take almost 70 hours. That’s about 4,200 minutes, from about 84 vinyl LPs, 53 compact discs, or 84% of the capacity of a first-generation iPod.

Bible Facts You Never Knew

Perhaps you have heard someone or something described as “as old as Methuselah”. That could be even bigger than the hills. But there is a number that accompanies the number: 969, to be precise, as indicated in Genesis 5:27. Perhaps someone as old as Methuselah is not that old after all.

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Bible Facts You Never Knew

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Bible Facts You Never Knew

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Fun Facts About The King James Bible You Might Not Know

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Bible Facts You Never Knew

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Bible Facts You Never Knew

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