How To Lock Apps Iphone

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How To Lock Apps Iphone

How To Lock Apps Iphone

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How To Lock Apps On Iphone With Password, Face Id, Touch Id, And More

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Down Angle Symbol A symbol in the form of an angle pointing down. Screen Time allows you to set time limits for locking apps on iPhone. Shutterstock

Whether you want to limit the time you spend on social media or just need some quiet time while on vacation to send work emails, you can use your iPhone’s Screen Time feature to set daily -day time limit on any app.

2. On the next page, if you only see a button to turn on Screen Time, tap it and click “Next” on the pop-up. Then select either “This is my iPhone” or “This is my child’s iPhone.”

How To Lock Specific Iphone Apps Behind Face Id Or Your Passcode

3. From the Screen Time menu, select App Limits. If you set a passcode on Screen Time, you’ll need to enter it to access the App Limits page.

Quick Tip: If you want to set a Screen Time passcode that’s different from your lock screen passcode, you can do so by selecting “Use Screen Time Passcode” from the menu below before continuing.

5. Here you can choose which apps you want to restrict according to different groupings like “Games” or “Social Networks”. When you tap a category, all apps in that category will appear below it. Tap the circle next to individual apps or the circle next to a category name to limit all apps to that category. If you want to limit all apps on your device, select “All apps and categories” at the top of the page.

How To Lock Apps Iphone

Quick Tip: You can also set time limits on certain websites. At the bottom of the Choose Apps page, tap Websites and enter the URL of the website you want to restrict.

Get Started With Screen Time On Iphone

6. After you select which apps you want to restrict, select Next at the top right of the page. Under Time, choose a daily time limit or select Adjust Days to choose which days to limit the app’s time and adjust the time limit each day.

Choose how many minutes or hours you want to limit your time, and choose “Customize Days” if you want each day to have a different limit. Grace Eliza Goodwin/Insider

1. If you have reached the time limit set for an app but want to continue using the app, tap “Request more time” below the clock icon displayed.

2. Tap Enter screen Time passcode. If you haven’t created a passcode in Screen Time, this is just your lock screen passcode that you use to unlock your iPhone. If you don’t have a passcode on your device, you don’t need to enter anything.

Lock All Your Apps Behind Face Id Or Touch Id To Keep Friends And Family From Snooping Around « Ios & Iphone :: Gadget Hacks

3. Once you’ve entered your passcode, you can choose how long you want to use the app – either 15 minutes, an hour or the whole day.

Meira Gebel is a freelance reporter based in Portland, Oregon. He writes for Insider about business, culture and technology. His work has been featured in Digital Trends, Willamette Week, and USA Today, among others. He is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School and San Francisco State University. Feel free to contact her on Twitter, where she can often be found: @MeiraGebel. It’s no secret that you can lock apps on the iPhone using the Screen Time feature. But what if I tell you that there is another, easier and hidden way to lock apps on iPhone? Yes! You read that right. Apple has hidden an app lock feature in the Apple Shortcuts app. Let’s see two different ways to lock iOS 17 apps on iPhone.

This method allows you to lock apps on your iPhone using the lock screen automation in the Shortcuts app. Follow these steps to lock an app on your iPhone:

How To Lock Apps Iphone

1. Open the Apple Shortcuts app on your iPhone. If it is not installed, you can download it from the App Store. This is a free and official app from Apple.

Free Ways To Lock Photos & Videos With A Passcode On Iphone

2. Go to the Automations tab at the bottom and tap the (+) icon at the top or the Create Personal Automation button.

4. Tap Select next to App. Now tap on the apps you want to lock on your iPhone. Yes, you can block multiple apps. Just tap them one by one. A check mark icon will appear next to the selected apps. Tap Done.

That’s it. Now try to open the locked app. Your iPhone will immediately lock you out of the app and take you to the lock screen. You must unlock the app using Touch ID or FaceID.

If you don’t want to use your iPhone’s password or security system to lock apps, you can use this method where you can use custom passwords to lock apps on your iPhone. This method requires you to first install a third-party shortcut and then customize it according to the app you want to block

How To Lock Apps On Any Iphone

3. The App Locked shortcut will appear in the list of installed shortcuts in the Apple Shortcut app. Tap the three dots icon on the App Locked shortcut to edit it.

5. Next, the shortcut uses 1234 as the default passcode. Tap 1234 and replace it with the password number you want.

6. Tap Instagram next to Open and select the app you want to block. Click the Done button.

How To Lock Apps Iphone

We’re halfway through setting up the iPhone app lock feature. Now you need to create a fake app icon as shown below.

How To Passcode Lock Apps On Ios 12

Now you need the logo of the app you want to block so that nothing looks suspicious. You can download it from Google by searching for “app name PNG,” or take a screenshot of the app listing in the App Store and crop it to show just the app logo.

4. Tap App Locked under the Home screen name and icon. Give it the same name as the app you want to block. Also, tap the icon and choose a logo for the app from your gallery.

6. The new locked app icon will be added to your iPhone’s home screen. Now when you tap on this app icon, you will be asked to enter the PIN first to unlock the app.

Now you have to use this app icon to launch your app. So, press and hold the original app icon and select “Remove App” and then “Remove from Home Screen.” This will remove the app from the home screen but leave it in the app drawer. Do not tap Delete App, otherwise the app will be deleted from your iPhone.

How To Lock Any App On An Iphone — No Jailbreak!

Yes, you can use the Guided Access feature to lock the phone to an app. The person using the iPhone needs to unlock the phone to access other apps.

Yes. Go to Settings > Safari. Scroll down to the Privacy and Security section. Enable Require Touch ID/FaceID to unblock private browsing.

While the above methods provide a solution to lock apps on iPhone in iOS 17, iPhone still lacks a dedicated app locking feature. We hope Apple will add this in future updates. Before you go, learn how to use your iPhone as a nightstand.

How To Lock Apps Iphone

Mehvish Mushtaq is a technology enthusiast from Kashmir. With a degree in computer engineering, he is always happy to help anyone struggling with technology. He has been writing about technology for over six years and his favorite topics include how-tos, how-tos, tips and tricks for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, social media and web apps. You can also find his work on Make Tech Easier, Guiding Tech, and Nerds Chalk. In this tutorial, we will share a simple tip that will help you protect any app of your choice with a passcode and Face ID to ensure that no one else can get into that app even if you give them your unlocked one. iPhone or iPad.

How To Passcode Lock An App On Iphone

Many third-party iOS apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Drive, banking apps, and more offer built-in ways to set a password or Face ID/Touch ID lock. We have discussed this in special tutorials:

Unfortunately, there’s no way to completely lock down Messages, Email, Safari, Contacts, Calendar, Wallet, or other system apps.

However, the lack of a system-wide app lock shouldn’t put you off, and with a simple iOS automation you can ensure that no one else can access certain apps on your iPhone.

IOS 16.4 added some new actions for the Shortcuts app, and one of them is Lock Screen, which we’ll use while working on the automation. So go to Settings app >

How To Lock Apps On Iphone With A Password Or Touchid?

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